In my opinion Herve Tullet is a master of interactive children’s books. When I saw SAY ZOOP! on the bookshelf in my public library, I knew it was a must borrow. SAY ZOOP! did not disappoint and I immediately made plans to use it as inspiration for Messy Play with twos and threes. Similar to PRESS HERE and MIX IT UP the children are invited to participate in the story and seemingly move the story forward with their actions. In SAY ZOOP! the children are asked to not only play with the colorful dots but to make the coordinating sounds. In the end Herve Tullet challenges the reader to create their own sounds. Well… challenge accepted.

What you need:

  • Large white paper
  • Finger paint
  • Paint dotters
  • Colored coding stickers

The children dotted, dabbed, and made all sorts of noises as they made their creations. Some made dots of various colors and sizes, similar to the book,

others blended and mixed,

all had a good time in the process.


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