I have a Master’s Degree in Childhood Education and a wealth of experience in Early Childhood Education. After taking part in a fabulous teacher education and training internship, the school asked me to stay on as a founding member of the Pre-K team.

I took a step back from classroom teaching while raising my three daughters. Teaching is in my DNA though, really, my mom is a teacher too, so I couldn’t just stop. Now I teach enrichment classes to toddlers and preschoolers when I am not writing or mom-ing. I am incredibly lucky to sing, play, create and be a part of the growth of so many young children. I often draw inspiration for my lessons from children’s picture books.



I am not published, YET.

I used to think failure was finite. Then I learned the power of the word YET.

It took me several failures to get my license. At 16, I was not ready to drive, YET, but I did learn to drive, and now I drive a minivan all over the place with three knuckleheads in the backseat.

My plan as a writer is to keep at it and learn something when I fail. I will hone my craft of writing children’s picture books, connect with other writers, and learn about the publishing business.

I am not published, YET, but I will be.



I am a mom of three amazing girls who challenge me every day to be my best. I love peanut butter and believe strongly that jelly is a fine companion, but chocolate is the best. I love writing and teaching, but also reading and singing (when a small child isn’t telling me to stop). I love Anne of Green Gables and Harry Potter. I can’t miss an episode of The Walking Dead or Call the Midwife. I was a Creative Arts major with a Computer Science minor. Massachusetts is my now home and New York is my always home. Many do not know I went to computer camp as a kid. Rockport, MA is my happy place.


You can follow me on Twitter @MonicaAcker1