Contest Entry

We take a break from our regularly scheduled program to share my entry to the Susanna Leonard Hill 8th Annual Holiday Contest. If you are unfamiliar with Susanna Leonard Hill’s contest or overall awesome site, check it out here

Now for the story:

Super Santa!

by Monica Acker

Santa is busy in December prepping presents, making mall visits, and of course dropping deliveries one special night. But what does Santa do the other 11 months?

Santa takes the names of the very naughty and takes them to jail, as Super Santa – crime fighter.

This December a particularly naughty criminal has evaded the police. First the gingerbread construction company crumbled, then a chocolate chip caper left the world chip-less, the sugar cookie factory was flooded with milk, and the hot cocoa towers were emptied of fluid.

All the Christmas cookie swaps, cookie decorating parties, and gingerbread constructions are cancelled.

Santa must stop and help. He jumps on Bolt, the speediest reindeer. Together they fly into the night to track down the sweet stealing thief. On a hunch, they head to Marshmallow Mill. He stealthily slinks through the shadows and comes upon Leif von Leaf stuffing marshmallows in a sack.

Super Santa flings fruitcake at the sack, knocking it aside. He hooks Leif with giant candy canes. Leif turns to Santa and sobs. “I only wanted to give other food a chance to shine in December. All the children want cookies, candy, and cocoa. What about some kale, arugula, or spinach? No one ever has a leafy green party.”

Santa returns home after wrapping Leif up with a bow for the police to find in the morning. Christmas returns to normal. But Santa did make Leif one promise. For Christmas Eve, please forgo cookies and leave Santa a salad instead.


23 thoughts on “Contest Entry

  1. Sue Heavenrich says:

    I always wondered what Santa did when he wasn’t navigating the winter sky. Who knew that candy canes could be useful crime-fighting tools?


  2. I always knew fruitcake must be good for something! Apparently it’s the perfect weapon for foiling dastardly sweet thieves 🙂 And as if Santa weren’t hero enough for bringing Christmas, he’s a super crime fighter as well! Fun, creative story, Monica! I enjoyed it 🙂 Thanks for joining in the Holiday fun!

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